John Nicholson's III Family

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Lucy Brennan & John J. Nicholson III

John J. IV (Jack) & Robert F. Nicholson
John J. IV - John J. III - Robert F.
Beacon, NY 1931

John J. Nicholson III maybe?

Robert F. & John J. (Jack) John J. IV (Jack) & Robert Nicholson

Robert F. Nicholson the hut 1939 Rose Olivieri and Robert F. Nicholson

John J. Nicholson IV (Jack) Robert F. Nicholson 1939

Robert F.-- John J. III - and John J. IV (Jack) 1939 Robert F. and John J. IV 1939 (Jack)

Robert F. Nicholson and Rose Olivieri

Robert and Rose

The Robert and Rose Nicholson crew here!

Some written thoughts about Robert Nicholson

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