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My branch of the Nicholsons comes from the Haverstraw Area in downstate New York.

This site is maintained by John J. Nicholson raised in Beacon, New York--now living in Arizona.

I am part of the Robert and Rose Nicholson Crew--follow the link--For more on John J. III's family click here

Nicholson Family Line
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The Nicholsons, - 3-21

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Lucy Brennan & John J. Nicholson III
John J. IV (Jack) & Robert F. Nicholson
John J. IV (Jack) - John J. III - Robert F.
Beacon, NY 1931

For more on John J. III's family click here

John Nicholson (1846-1916) daughter Mattie (1888-1915)
picture taken about 1898
ages: 52 and 10 years

JOHN J, & MARTHA (second)
John J and Martha FRANK P. & CHRISTOPHER

MaryLou in Birthday Costume July 1929 Who is Mom and child house number 68? who? John Nicholson ??

Jim Nicholson & Elizabeth (Murphy)
Dec. 1970
Frank Nicholson Edna Lewis

From left to right,

Philip Brendon,--Matthew Mark,--Joseph Sean, --Rita Eileen, --Mary Ellen, --Edna Maureen and -- Francis Peter

Aug 1957 Staten Island----Children of Francis Peter & Josephine Kulkosky

11 First Street Haverstraw NY 1938
and 11 Front Street 1932?

Joe Nicholson last row far left 7-2-1916

Joe Nicholson May 31 1932 (1901-1970)

Who are they?? New City, New York 1935
Believe Joe Nicholson second from left

Jim Nicholson in Jersey City

John J. III and William Nicholson--1939

St. Peter's Cemetery--Haverstraw, New York


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